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Hi, I'm Julianne

I've been in your shoes and know how that finding the right therapist can be a difficult and vulnerable process, so here's a little more about me, my approach, and my experience to help determine if we might be a good fit.

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My Journey to Becoming a Therapist

My education and work has always centered around people and their stories – from my undergraduate English degree and passion for creative writing to corporate career to my current roles as a therapist and grief educator.

After college, I gained valuable experience in the fields of media and public relations before realizing I wanted to work more directly with people. I pursued training through The Coaches Training Institute and spent the next decade coaching and creating and faciltiating development programs at companies including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Harley-Davidson.


My professional curioisity, along with my personal experiences with grief led, me to pursue a career change. I became a therapist because I have benefited so much from my own therapy, and I’m endlessly fascinated by and love learning about individual’s stories and the human experience. There’s nothing more interesting and gratifying than being able to connect with people on a deep level and support them in reaching their goals.

My Approach

The more I learn through research and client work, the more I understand that our behaviors, patterns, and coping mechanisms are developed by our minds and bodies to protect us and minimize emotional distress. We do the best we can based on the experiences, information, and tools that we have at the time. Through therapy, I'll work with you to recognize the origins of your coping mechanisms and determine areas in which you'd like to make different choices moving forward.


My primary therapeutic orientations are psychodynamic, attachment based, and internal family systems (IFS), and I incorporate mindfulness and existential and narrative therapy in my work. With that said, my style is person-centered, flexible, and customized to your unique goals and preferences.

Education & Supervision

Bachelors of Arts, English Language & Literature
University of Michigan

GPA: 3.7/4.0

Clinical Internships:

Horizon Hospice Grief Resource Center

Mount Mary University Counseling Center

Masters of Science, Counseling Psychology
Unviersity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

GPA: 4.0/4.0

Supervisor: Meghan Riordan Jarvis

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