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Grief is the body's energetic response to loss of any kind.

Collectively and individually, we continue to navigate grief without resources we both need and deserve. Most people have never received any formal grief education, despite the certainty that every one of us will face profound loss at one time or another. We grieve with our bodies, and suffer physically, mentally, and emotionally with few concrete tools to help ourselves or others process the complicated feelings connected to loss.

MRJ Consulting provides the training that grievers, their support people, and company leaders need but didn’t know existed. Founded by clinicians with decades of experience, the MRJ team has created comprehensive offerings designed to help individuals, companies, and mental health professionals establish a grief-informed approach to addressing all manner of loss.


Increase understanding of the impact of grief on the brain and the body and introduce tools and techniques to promote a helathy grief practice


Equip leaders, HR team members, clinicians and coaches with a giref support foundation through case study based training including impactful intervention.


Establish a core understanding of the underlying neuroscience in trauma and grief reactions and how to support grievers throughout the grieving process.

The Grief MENTOR Method™

Using our trademarked Grief MENTOR method, MRJ consultants empower you to become the foremost expert on your own grief experience, and offer concrete tools to aid others who are grieving.

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Meet the Team

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