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Julianne Manske Rollefson


Loss is an inherent aspect of change — loss of comfortable routines and settings, parts of our identities, the vision of how we thought our lives would look, and relationships and people we hold dear. These losses reverberate and impact how we engage with and react to all aspects of our lives.


As a Milwaukee based psychotherapist, I specialize in helping individuals and groups process and navigate difficult times. Whether you are experiencing grief and loss, going through a major life transition, or facing challenges related to motherhood, including fertility issues and pregnancy loss, I am here to support you through it all.

Services Offered

In-person and Virtual Individual Therapy,
Group Therapy & Community Workshops 

* Therapy clients must be Wisconsin residents.

Areas of Focus

Grief and loss, Life transitions, Pre-and post-partum mental health, Motherhood, Infertility, Pregnancy and baby loss, Anxiety, Career transitions, Existential challenges

If you're asking yourself whether therapy might be helpful, I'm guessing that your life has changed in a way that has left you feeling untethered, either all at once or slowly over time. 


I’m here to help you sort through which behaviors are serving you, offer unconditional support as you learn to leave behind those that are not, and provide tools to help you succcessfully face future challenges. Whether you're facing a specific diagnosis or major life event or you just want things in your life to be different, you deserve to be supported in your quest to understand the reasons behind your behaviors and patterns and take steps towards positive change.

If you want to explore the big questions in life, develop healthy coping strategies, and create an authentic, values-driven life that you love, please reach out to book a free 15 minute call. I work best with curious, lifelong learners who are open to new insights about themselves and the world.

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Contact Me

To schedule an appointment or learn more about me and my services, please don't hesitate to reach out. I look forward to hearing from you!

1845 N. Farwell Ave. #214
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Thank You for Contacting Me!

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